West Amwell Citizens Against the Pipeline

Last week FERC posted a letter they sent to PennEast containing their comments on a number of PennEast’s recent filings.  The letter, along with other recent ones, is a very encouraging development because FERC is continuing to be critical of PennEast and is starting to listening stake holders along the route.

The full letter is available here:

Some highlights from it include:

  • An emphasis on avoidance over mitigation. A comment on archeological finds states “Include site avoidance plans for all archaeological sites that PennEast plans to avoid” and “Describe how PennEast would minimize or avoid impacts to aboveground cultural resources, such as the Delaware Canal, historic covered bridges, and other resources, that may be vulnerable to effects from vibration“.
  • Many references to PennEast having to seriously consult with local historical and cultural organizations
  • An eye-brow raising request to count temporary workers from other parts of the country…

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Durham Press is pleased to pass on an article featuring artist Emil Lukas in this month’s issue of Elle Decor. Both painter and sculptor, Lukas explores and implements an array of materials into his works. Click on the image below to discover what Lukas is creating in his Stockertown, PA studio…

Emil Lukas in Elle Decor, pg 86

Emil Lukas in Elle Decor, pg 86

Emil Lukas in Elle Decor, pg 88

Emil Lukas in Elle Decor, pg 88

Roland Fischer, Facades on Paper IV, 2012, Portfolio of Eight Photographic Screenprints, 35 x 25 inches, Edition of 100

Durham Press is pleased to announce Facades on Paper IV a series of eight new prints by Roland Fischer. In his fourth and final series of Facades on Paper, Roland Fischer explores the points, lines and vectors of orientation in modern day buildings throughout the world. By magnifying the elements of the building’s design and profile, Fischer is able to produce images that reflect the facade’s color, form and distinctive geometric patterns.

Facades on Paper IV is a series of eight photographic screenprints individually titled: Birmingham (Night), OIO Melbourne, Bank of China #2, Black Forest, Museum Munich #2, Surf Parade/Gold Cost, NAB Melbourne, and Wokesong Beijing. This remarkable portfolio is available for sale as a set or as individual prints. A catalogue with an essay by Sarah Stanley, a Berlin-based writer, will accompany the project.

“Roland Fischer travels to the world’s largest cities in order to compile a virtual catalog of high rise structures.  The artist is in fact investigating the consolidation of financial industries through new forms of trading instruments, especially in Asia, which gave rise to panoply of generic architectural styles in 1980s and 90s.  This contemporary condition which further unites architecture and finance in the newly globalized world city provides the graphic spectrum for Roland Fischer’s Façade series”
by Sarah Stanley

Please join us in congratulating Roland on his most recent print project!

Tom Slaughter, a longtime Durham Press friend, collaborator and artist, will be exhibiting new and recent works at Jim Kempner Fine Art from July 12th through August 30th.  Stop by to see the show at 501 West 23rd Street, New York, NY. Congrats to Tom and Jim!

Tom Slaughter, American Pie from The Old Neighborhood, 2001, Screenprint, 23 x 18 inches, Edition of 65

Tom Slaughter, Color of Night, 1996, Screenprint, 44 x 30 inches, edition of 50

Polly Apfelbaum’s installation “Haunted House” will be presented at “T” Space in Rhinebeck, New York from June 16th through July 22nd. The installation was inspired by a haunted house in Elizaville, NY and is comprised of over 350 images and 3D objects. This exhibition is based on a project that Polly debuted in Switzerland last summer. The opening reception is this Saturday, June 16th. For more information please contact “T” Space, 917.697.0334, tspace.ny@gmail.com.

Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass, Courtesy of LA Times

Michael Heizer’s new sculpture “Levitated Mass” will open to the public on Sunday, June 24th at LACMA. “Levitated Mass” is a 340-ton boulder suspended above a 456-foot-long concrete channel. Heizer found the rock in December 2006 in a quarry in California. Click here to read an interview in the LA Times with Michael, where he discusses the monumental project.  It looks awesome!

The Boulder of Levitated Mass, Courtesy of LA Times

Michael Heizer, preliminary sketch for Levitated Mass, 2011, courtesy of the artist

Diagram of the LACMA Campus

Diagram of the Installation

Dogwood Potpourri, 2012, 32 x 32 1/2 inches, edition of 25,

Love Potpourri, 2012, 32 x 32 1/2 inches, edition of 25

Wave Potpourri, 2012, 32 x 32 1/2 inches, edition of 25

Rainbow Potpourri, 2012, 32 x 32 1/2 inches, edition of 25

Durham Press is pleased to release 4 new prints by Polly Apfelbaum. The prints encompass Polly’s 4 printing languages- Flowers= Love, Circles= Dogwoods, Wave= ZigZags, Rainbow= Stripes. The 4 prints are an edition of 25. The dimensions are 32 x 32 1/2 inches. Please contact us for information about pricing and availability.